The House in Turk Street Essay Review

The House in the Turk street deals with a very interesting compilation of enigma and intrigue. This does a phenomenal job of having enigma and intrigue in this storyline. The dialogue between characters is very cliché and mysterious. As a matter of fact, many times the character already knows the answer but is seeking assurance. The tons of the characters are written in a very scientific manner. The characters seem to have very profound meaning behind attributes. For instance, the attribute of lust is used in Elvira’s appearance to lure the boys. It tells me that the characters have double motives behind their actions and seek more than emotion and affection.

These same contrasting elements can relay back to Doyle’s story. In developing his own literary character, Doyle based Sherlock Holmes on Doctor Joseph Bell. This type of contrast is often played by multiple characters that can have double roles.  Integrity is another value that both characters possess in all the novels along with leadership. All characters have a dialogue that manifests the human quality of pain, fear, doubt, trust, and anger. Holmes’s character in Doyle is also seen in Hammet’s story as well who are motivated by greed and lust. The characters that are in Hammet’s story are flawed heroes that provide the context of the reality of life. However, characters from both realms have responsibility and duty even with their imperfect flaws. There is a lot of emotional torture that one can sense in this work. More than physical abuse, the authors are inclined to emotionally blackmail the readers and the characters in general. This was something new and innovative that appealed to the masses.

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