The Lady with the Dog by Chekhov: Essay Analysis

The Lady With the Dog is an account of an affair between a Dmitri Dmitritch Gurov and a woman called Anna Sergeyevna. In the opening section, the author introduces us to these two characters, both married and with children having a vacation in a small seaside Crimean town called Yalta (Chekhov 7). My expectations after reading the first chapter were that Dmitri would seduce Anna. Dmitri is a womanizer who detests emotional attachment to women. During the vacation, he notices Anna with her pet dog and approaches her (Chekhov 8). As the first part ends, Dmitri is in his bed thinking about Anna and concludes that there is something pathetic with her ( My second expectation was that this relationship was bound to last the vacation and end once both of them went back to their married lives.

The next chapter fulfills one of my expectations. A week after they meet, Anna and Dmitri have sex in Anna’s hotel room (Chekhov 10). Over the next few days, they regularly meet for lunch, dinner and romantic walks ( Contrary to my expectations, Dmitri grows to be a passionate man and even kisses Anna in public and tells her that she is beautiful (Chekhov 13). I did not expect Dmitri to develop an emotional attachment to Anna. When they leave Yalta and go back to their usual lives, Dmitri cannot stop thinking about Anna (Chekhov 15). He goes to see her and admits that he is in love with her (Chekhov 21).


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