The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara Essay

Apart from the two stories I will be analyzing, the has produced several other works including writing a documentary and co-producing it on film among other films. She has been acknowledged as a great film and television writer during her time (Glickman, par. 16). Besides short stories, she has written a documentary titled The Bombing of Osage Avenue, co-edited a regional journal titled Southern Exposure, and wrote a number of novels including The Salt Eaters as her first novel in 1980. In 1985, she joined Scribe Video Center in order to explore her interests in film and co-produced her documentary on The Bombing of Osage Avenue (the University of Georgia, par. 15). She also wrote several screenplays including an adaptation from a novel by Morrison titled Tar Baby. Although the author did not write nor produce music, she often used Jazz music in her work.

The main themes associated with the author include black culture, the identity of women, the value of elders, and African-American heritage and tradition (Schirack, par. 5). The writers’ major contributions are between the 1960s to 1980s, which is a period that America was undergoing a major social change. There were clear divisions between moderate and radical feminists, something that significantly inspired the author’s work as she described it as “writing for African-American women by African-American women” (Schirack, par. 3). In the 1980s she wrote her first two novels in which her main focus was on racism which was closely related to the themes of her previous work of ‘uplifting other people in the community’ (Glickman, par. 14).

Are the two stories you are analyzing typical of the writer’s other work? How? Is there anything in the stories – general or specific – that is derived from the writer’s life?
Let me know the work you will be analyzed so that I can answer this question

The author’s main concerns are about writing and literature is based on contemporary political, racial, and feminist issues (The Gale Group Inc.). In an interview with Kay Bonetti, the author explained why her writing was based on the lack of African-American women writing for African-American women. On the side, the other did not receive the expected reception on her first novel The Salt Eaters, with critics finding fault in the structure, dialogue, the alternating narrative voice (Bambara). The author is worth being studied because of her great contributions as a writer, artist, and cultural worker towards literature and feminism.



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