The Night the Ghost Got In: Setting Analysis

James Thurber’s “The Night the Ghost Got In”, is a story about an incident that took place in the author’s house as a kid. The events of the story are exaggerated to the limit that the ghost story only helps to bring a smile to the reader’s face rather than leave them scared. However, there is no denying the fact that the plot is well supported by the setting and characters of the story which helps to build up the pace of the story and lead to the climax.

The plot of the story revolves around a night when the boy along with his brother Herman heard the sound of footsteps downstairs in their house. It is interesting to note how the author starts the story by apologizing for paying any attention to the footsteps that caused the row of events. He then vividly describes the setting of the story. The author not only mentions were the other members of his house were while the incident occurred but also the time, “quarter past one o’clock in the morning” which eerily points to the “ghostly factor” of the whole incident.

However, the author’s main interest was not on the ghost but the “hullabaloo of misunderstandings” the initial event created. Their mother rose from sleep and eventually threw a shoe into the neighbor’s bedroom to ask them to call the police; the police arrived and searched the house and finally got assaulted by their grandfather. In midst of all this, it is to be mentioned that the ghost had left the scene long back before his mother came into the scene. “None of us ever heard the ghost again” the author had mentioned.

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