The Nightingale's Nest by John Clare Essay Analysis

The nightingale’s nest is a poem by John Clare. The poem is about the affection for a bid that he thinks to bring life to things. In this poem, the author has used a couple of phrases to give certain meanings to certain aspects of the song. The phrase “the nightingale to summer life belongs” has been used to give a certain meaning. This essay aims at finding the possible meaning of this phrase.

The word, nightingale, is from an eighteenth-century fairy tale by Christian Andersen. In this fairy tale, the author talks about a magical bird that brings life to an emperor when he was about to die. Since then, the nightingale has always been perceived to be a bird that brings life to things.

Summer is a season in the year that comes after spring. It is the warmest of all the seasons. During this time, plant whether due to lack of water. Wild animals and even people starve to death.
The phrase as used by John Clare indicates that the nightingale bird brings life to the things that compose the summer, all the life forms that are destroyed by summer. In the poem, the author says that naked trees are not common in the environment within which the bird lives. He describes the bird’s nest as evergreen. Green is a color related to life and a sign of fertility. This shows that the nightingale brings life to the environment it stays in.

The phrase “the nightingale to summer life belongs,” therefore, refers to the power of the nightingale bird to bring life to the harsh summer conditions. This is indicative that it solves problems when it is most needed (Sarah 46).


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