The Servant of Two Masters Essay Analysis

This literary work offers an intriguing series of conflicts and complex events with several characters developing the story. At the center of the work is Clarice the daughter of Pantalone. She is almost wedding Dr. Lombardi’s son, Silvio after her previous fiancée, Federigo was claimed to be dead after a duel with Florindo. The wedding in progress is interrupted by Truffaldino who claims that Federigo is alive and wish to be seen. While Truffaldino flirts with Smeraldina, Pantalone chases him and in a short, while Beatrice enters disguised has her brother Federigo. Its Brighella who recognizes Beatrice and promises to keep it a top-secret. When Beatrice disguise herself as Federigo and claims Clarice as her betrothed wife, Silvio and his father Dr. Lombardi leave disgruntled. Pantalone is later infuriated as well and leave only for Beatrice to narrate to Brighella that she had come to follow her fiancée Florindo who killed Federigo and fled.

Truffaldino who works in Brighella’s inn encounters Florindo and helps him book a room. A few minutes later, Beatrice still disguised as Federigo enters the inn and gets the services of Truffaldino. At this point, Truffaldino complains of serving two masters but at a double salary. The climax of this scene comes in when Truffaldino mixes the mails of his two masters. The consequence is Beatrice receiving the mail for Florindo and vice versa proving to each of them that they are just around. It at the same time when Silvio comes to fight Florindo when the survival of Federigo is ascertained.


Work cited
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