The Silver Door : Lisle, Holly

Option 1

Everyone within the street had described them as twins. They were twins in smuggling weapons and drugs. John and Tom had established a formidable partnership in the business. No single transactions proceeded in the absence of neither of them. “I have set the stage,” John remarked as they strategized on the future multibillion-business transaction. The upcoming multi-billion transactions were the only dealing that John organized in the absence of Tom. John had engaged a cocaine manufacturing plant that would supply them consistently with the drug. Everything was on track after the usual phone calls before and the ‘twins’ set off for the day’s business. They had set up everything including the initial capital for the business. As the operation ended, police detectives arrived. John had been a state spy. He had been tracking Tom’s business associates for the last ten years. Everything looked unusual as beloved Tom headed to prison. Later in the investigation, John discovered that Tom was his stepbrother (Lisle, 2010, 23).

Option 2

The long-awaited moment had finally come. Everyone in the family seemed happier than before. Father seemed to have planned everything right. Anxiety besieged the family of five. It was going to be a memorable occasion, a time of reunion. The family had not experienced such joyous occasions since mother left to a rehabilitation center in Las Vegas two years ago. She had been suffering from dementia and everything around her was frustrating. On no occasions did she appreciate her family. The family had lost hope when doctors diagnosed the young beautiful mother of four with dementia. Her absence had vivid signs in the family. She will be waiting for us! My father affirmed as we sat around the dining table for the last meal before reuniting with our beloved mother. Her seat in the dining table had remained unoccupied for all those years. No one wanted to sit on it. It was symbolic of her presence every time we gathered around the table. The family would have to wake up early the next day to board the only bus that heads to Las Vegas rehabilitation center. We arrived early at the bus station, and everyone looked nervous. One hour later the bus had not arrived, we were obviously late and the mother must have been furious. All the waiting passengers had given up, and some called off their journey. We remained at the station dismayed and the thought of waiting for another day had surfaced. Before we could engage deeply into our thoughts, my uncle arrived. He always seems to be timely in every messy scene with his old car. We now had to speed up to Las Vegas.

Option 3

It has been four weeks of division and finally, the yellow grains appeared ready on the pollen sacks of the anther. The grains would be central to the next generation of the plant. The pollen grains would have to land on the bowl-shaped part at the tip of the style. They would move down through the hollow channel of the style to the reproductive center. In the reproductive center, the division would continue until ovules develop. The ovules would be responsible for the continuity of the plant. Under normal conditions, the grains must be timely when falling on the stigma. A strong wind drifted over the flower, and all the grains have fallen off missing the stigma. Pollination would not continue, and the plant had to devise a rescue strategy. Changes occurred within the plant, and the flower secreted sweet-smelling fluids. The sweet smell would attract bees, which would carry the fallen grains on their hairy bodies and place them on the stigma as they search for nectar. Once on the pollen grains falls on the stigma, the reproduction process would commence.


Work cited
Lisle, Holly. The Silver Door. New York: Scholastic, 2010. Print.

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