The Trickster; Odysseus by John Lim Essay

Characters portray different traits to enable them to overcome certain events within a play or poem. Poetry aims at portraying different themes with the focus being on characters and the manner in which they interact with other characters. Odysseus is portrayed as a trickster in the odyssey poetry. The character is evident in the manner in which he navigates the complex situations within the poem. The main characters in instances use canning traits to reign supreme in different situations. The nature of interaction determines whether these actions become successful or backfires. In most cases, the main character successful uses these traits and emerges with the ultimate price.

In the case of Odysseus, he possesses extraordinary power over his competitor. The character tricks young suitor into a specific place and uses his power to create complex situations. The trick favors him as he manages to outwit this suitor and is able to win the heart to the lover. The same trick is meant to portray his strength. The character uses trickery to make himself supreme while influence the full potential of the other suitors in the room. In most cases, characters try different means to enable them to overcome obstacles. In this case, the obstacles are the young suitors. Odysseus is able to emerge victorious given the situation he creates to the other suitors. Eliminating competitors is a means of the other to identify the characters and portray him as supreme. The success of Odysseus in pursuing love is directly linked to his nature of finding love and using his trait to emerge victoriously. Trickery in most cases portrays other characters as unintelligent and the perpetrators as supreme.

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