Unplugging Philco by Jim Knipfel Essay Analysis

Unplugging Philco is one of the most innovative novels that discusses a gloomy theme in which patriotism has become an avenue of exploitation. It is clear that the author portrays a picture in which advanced cyber technology has taken off and the phobia of government intervention has been drastically increased. The author draws this example as seen after the post 9/11 attacks that America has a very advanced system of networks. Knipfel is very keen on addressing these issues because citizens have become very afraid of the government, as depicted after post 9/11 attacks. This is the second example that Knipfel is quick to point out. Moreover, it is imperative to point out that he draws a parallel from Orwell’s novel, 1984. Knipfel does a great job of discussing and foreshadowing events that occurred in American history of interrogation and the fear that occurred during the Cold War era.

Knipfel in this modern century depicts the same notion of American post-September 11. As the World Trade Center fell citizens of America were scared and horrified. Twenty-five days later, still reeling with shock, Americans and people around the world received another blow; the U.S. Patriot Act was established. The Patriot Act remains the most controversial legislation passed by the Bush administration even to this day. For the sake of national security, the Bush administration insisted that they must take a stand to resist terrorists that threaten America. I think it is clear that has been exploited according to the author as he emphasizes the phobia of the people in his novel. The dark question still looms the thoughts of Americans, who continue to distrust the government about arrests, legislations, and secret interrogations. IN essence, the American public distrusts the government, which remains to be problematic even in the modern century. Moreover, a dogmatic vision of rebellions is painted by the author, which seems to be concerning as it interferes with domestic affairs in America.


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