Vampires in the Lemon Grove and Other Stories Essay

Whenever the literature book is written, the readers of the literal work expect much from such works. They deem the plays, novels, and short stories to be the source of entertainment. They are viewed as one of the ways of counseling and guiding the community members and the sources of cultural and social education of the setting of the work. As such the text Vampires in the Lemon Grove takes the same role in the minds of the readers.

First, the book contains many impressive aspects. The author has made use of different styles in writing. The author uses the first-person narrator that makes the story lively. It considers the authenticity of the narrator that is very proud of the traditional feeding habits and uses vernacular to maintain authenticity. The use of vernacular makes the readers from the same society as the narrator feel free and represented. For example, the word vaginas meaning slung among other vernacular words and phrases (Russell p.2009). Similarly, the narrator uses the flashback to explain to the readers the societal setup from the 19th century in the 1800s when the young lady identified him as being the monster. The flashback also builds the comparison in readers that are enabled to depict the advancement made in the society since such periods to the current moment.

The text is easy to understand. It creates the mental picture of how the narrator looks like in the descriptions given. Similarly, the text is developed to cater for the understanding of all including the semi-literate natives. Such is valid considering the fact that the use of the local Italian language has dominated the text. However, the text is difficult to comprehend based on the fact that the local language has dominated and it focuses on the historical setup.

The readers remain with two unanswered questions. Why is it essential to use the local language to explain the captivating and scaring scenario in the text? And if vampires surely exist in society, then how will one cope if they meet the explained features of vampires that cause death?


Work Cited
Russell, Karen. Vampires in the Lemon Grove: Stories. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2013. Print.

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