World Literature: Essay Example

Hind’s feet is a story about the transformation of the life Much Afraid, a non-believer, to a mature believer. It highlights the steps undertaken by the Much-Afraid who was previously a non-believer, but latter accept the Christian faith. At first, she was weak but she gradually matures in her Christian faith signified by her move into the high places. With her, Much afraid is accompanied by sadness and suffering (Anderson 152). The story shows the triumph of the Christian faith, which requires constant nourishment. By contrast, the story titled ‘the Frills’ highlights the deterioration of Christian faith (Anderson 214). The tailor, like Much-Afraid, accepted Christianity and became a believer. However, the tailor did not have adequate Christian support and the initiative to nourish his faith. Much-Afraid had support from the good shepherd who was generous, but the tailor had no support from a stronger believer (Anderson 216). In Much-Afraid, the good shepherd sowed a gift that enabled her to love. The gift was an indication that Much-Afraid was growing spiritually and acquiring relevant gifts, which enable her to grow in her new faith (Tyndale House Publishers 13). Conversely, the tailor received no support and subsequently continued to deteriorate in faith. In one of the incidences, Much-Afraid displays resilience as she manages to withstand the pain once she had made a decision to dance in high places (Anderson 155). The story also highlights individual resilience, which Much-Afraid displays by her ways and desires to keep and nourish her faith. In contrast, the narrative titled ‘the frills’ is indicative of despair due to individual reasons and the failing of Christian brotherhood.


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