Writing About Literature – Analyzing Theme and Variations

Meditation 17 John Donne has developed the theme in ‘Meditation 17’ by use of paradox and metaphor. In this book, Donne, asserts that all are part of whole where each and everybody’s actions actually affect one another.
The death of someone is compared to a tolling bell. He asserts that it directly affects someone despite the fact that it does not toll for him. More so, the ringing of bell reminds us about how death and its closeness. Furthermore, life does not have any atheists at the end of life. Actually, as human beings, we are born dying and as we realize this fact, we begin fearing what is beyond our life. We thus, seek god’s forgiveness and move closer to him to bargain the way to heaven (Ricks and Burrow 210).
The author further explains how the child is baptized by the church and the child is recognized just like Donne who is the subject of God. Thus, the child is later connected to the head that is similar to mine and he becomes a member who is of the same faction like Donne. This actually affects Donne as he compares someone’s death to a chapter in this book and refers to it as a better translation. As such translation, to Donne represents how one’s spirit is freed to allow it rise to heaven (Gardner 265). He further explains how one’s death causes an impact on all of us in a unified manner. He refers to a dead man as a piece of continent and a clod which should be washed away larger than Europe. That is, the death of any man diminishes and someone and brings all the other closer. Furthermore, the erosion of clods reduces the distance between the erosive ocean and human beings together.
In addition, Donne applies paradox in his development of themes. He states that treasure is as a result of affliction. The reapers icy hands are closer to the suffering of oneself which creates a religious outlook, improves one’s morals and brings one close to god. Thus, through this mode, affliction qualifies to be treasure (Bloom 189).
In conclusion, Donne’s themes are true to some extent. The effect of some people to us is not possible. In contrary, the death of a close relative or friend can affect us deeply. Furthermore, death represents how the brevity of life. Life is also referred to as a marathon and it offers pace.
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