Zahra's Paradise by Amir – Quotes

Book Zahra’s paradise incorporates numerous quotes. A quote in the book that catches the eye goes as “Plant the tree of friendship,” quotes Hassan in response, “for it bears boundless joy. Uproot the tree of enmity, for it summons countless sorrows” (Amir and Khalil 209).

The author implies that friendship is better than evil or prevails more than evil. According to this quote, people should look for friendship among others as it might have improved consequences when compared to evil (Amir and Khalil 209). Friendship might help the regime, in Iran, to consider ordinary Iranians as significant people in society. Friendship eases discrimination, and; therefore, the Iran government could try to incorporate this system of friendship in order to bear good fruits – boundless joy – in their nation. The quote also advises individuals to uproot enmity from their dealings as it will cause nothing else apart from havoc – countless sorrows. The author advises the Iranian regime to not be enemies to its ordinary citizens as this might have stern repercussions on the nation’s dealings (Amir and Khalil 209).

This quote is significant as it assists people in noting the importance of friendship. Friendship, according to the quote, can move mountains. Friendship is significant as it leads to unity, and unity is the backbone of every nation. From my research, I am learning that if a nation faces hard times such as Iran, it is essential for them to incorporate friendship in order to live in harmony. Friendship, not armed struggle, is the only tool that could be incorporated effectively to bring peace and calmness in the region.


Work Cited
Amir and Khalil. Zahra’s Paradise. New York: First Second, 2011. Print.

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