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Confucius and Ptahhotep: Questions

Question 1 Confucianism and death Confucian doctrines did not focus on life after death. This is because Confucius believed the death was not the standard by which an individual’s way of life on earth was measured. He believed in the…

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Reading of Literature and Reflection

Introduction Literature provides a broad converse over which many issues can be painted. In fact, to get a comprehensive understanding of human beings and society, one has to rely on literary works to derive full meaning. Poems are some of…

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Indian Fables, Jataka Tales

Part 1 Aisopeia: It is basically a selection of Aesop’s fables translated by Bruno H. Vandenberghe into Dutch verses. Louis Hersent: Born in Paris and he was a French painter, he was born on the tenth march 1777 and died…

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Reading Comprehension Questions and Answers

Exploring Your Topic: Finding Background Information. In order to conduct research, you’ll need to build vocabulary and get some background information about your topic. Write (or type) your answers to the following questions below. What is your topic? Modern Architecture…

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Creative Story Writing: Example

Suspense Structure Life is been extremely fascinating with many new things to learn. However, father and my other two brothers had to leave for the city shortly leaving behind a hell of a life. Only two of us, mother and…

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